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Harvest 2015

Written by Silvia Borgogno on 07 October 2015



For over ten years now the grape harvest has never taken place so early in the Langhe.

Thanks to the high temperatures during the months of July and August, there was an acceleration in the development processes of the fruits that brought the harvest period in advance and at the same time enabled the grapes to ripen perfectly.

At the moment all the conditions appear to be just right for a great vintage, a vintage to remember in time.

These ideal circumstances are not only due to an almost perfect summer, they are also the result of very favorable climatic conditions that were recorded during the entire year.

We had the right amount of snow in winter and the right amount of rain in spring.



The favorable climate has given us quite healthy grapes, with velvety skins and very balanced organoleptic elements.

So we’re hoping to see a five star vintage, with excellent strength, exceptionally high quality accompanied by good but not excessive amounts.

We especially look forward with trepidation to be able to taste the great aging reds, such as Nebbiolo from Barolo, which, we are sure, will have surprising results.


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