Our Vineyards in La Morra & Monforte


Barolo Brunate

The Francesco Borgogno family’s vineyards of Nebbiolo da Barolo, in one of the historical Cru in La Morra like Brunate are made up of calcified, clay marl. It is this soil that makes the Barolo wine that is born in this unique land precious and that gives it such a structure that makes it suitable to long ageing.

The excellent quality of the grapes produced is due to the dedicated and meticulous work, the entire year, of the whole Borgogno family. Starting with the winter pruning of the vineyards with “guyot method” until an accurate selection of the best bunches during harvest in the middle of October.

Bunches are medium-sized with small berries but with thicker skin. Color is blue-black with purple nuance.


Langhe Nebbiolo

Our vineyards of Langhe Nebbiolo are the same of Nebbiolo da Barolo becuase is a wine made with the same grapes. However, it goes through a different wine-making process but our work during the year in vineyard is also the same.

This is a great vine for a great ancient wine.


Dolcetto d’Alba

The Francesco Borgogno family also owns vineyards in La Morra,in the area called Liste, for the production of Dolcetto d’Alba wine. It is the most common of vineyard varieties in the Langhe and the wine obtained differs, according to the soil and the altitude. Bunches are longer-sized shape and rounded berries are blue-black..



Grapes of Barbera d’Alba comes from Monforte d’Alba and this vine requires the same care and attention as all the other varieties grown by our family starting already at the beginning of the year. Its tasting properties vary according to the growing area, so some barberas are more suited to ageing, while others should be drunk early. Francesco Borgogno’s Barbera can be kept confidently for up to three/four years because is a strength vine. Bunches are very compact and berries are oval shape with strong blue color.



At the end our dry white wine made by Francesco Borgogno from grapes grown on their own small plot of land in the Roero. The golden yellow bunches of grapes produced by the favorita vine are medium-sized, long and cylindrical. During the year, works in vineyard are the same of the other productions.

Working in the Vineyards