Vintage 2021

Dolcetto d'Alba DOC [Esaurito]

Tasting Notes

This wine is defined as “the friendship wine” because it is the true country wine. Generally it is consumed at an early age.

The care of Dolcetto vines follows the same steps as Nebbiolo da Barolo – that is, winter pruning of the vines, the jobs of allegationcleaning and cutting of branches – and finally harvesting in the month of September.

Afterwards the pressing and separation, the steeping in the presence of the peels for circa 5-6 days at a maximum temperature of 25-27°C.

Conservation of the wine is in stainless steel tubs, where the malolactic fermentation terminates. Then it is poured off. The bottling is in April, May.

Colour: very bright ruby red with violet reflections.

Fragrance: delicate and fruity.

Taste: rounded, dry and slightly bitter – recalling fruits such as amarena cherry.

Temperature: 18 – 19 °C.

Gastronomic combinings: antipasti, first courses with, above all, meat sauces, soups.

Basic Information

Product Name: Dolcetto d’Alba
Cépage: Dolcetto d’Alba 100%
Appellation: Dolcetto d’Alba
Classificaton: DOC
Color: red
Type: still
Country/Region: Barolo – Piedmont
Vintage: 2021
Alcool percentage: 14,28 % vol.
Sugar rate: 0,17 g/l
Number of bottles produced: 4.200


Method: pressing and separation, the steeping in the presence of the peels for approx 5-6 days at a maximum temperature of 25-27 °C. Maturity: in steel tubs for 7 or 8 months. Bottled in April or May.
Temperature: 25-27 °C
Lenght: 5/6 days
Aging: 7 or 8 months in steel
Minimum aging in bottle: 4 months


% of Grape / Cépage: Dolcetto d’Alba 100%
Soil: argillaceous
Exposure: southeast
Agricultural method: agriculture susteinable
Year of plantation: 1973
Date of harvest: September 2021
Type of harvest: by hand

Chemical Analysis

Dry extract: 28,2 g/l
Total acidity: 5,07 g/l (tartaric acid equivalent)
Volatile acidity: 0,44 g/l (acetic acid equivalent)
Total SO2: 41 mg/l
Free SO2:


Empty bottle weight: 450 g
Date of bottling: 20 April 2022
Aging potential: 2 years
Cork size: 24×44 mm
Cork material: natural cork
Bottle type: Bordolese